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This is the Day that the LORD has made!

We all have heard the verse..."This is the day the Lord has made, Let us rejoice and be glad in it!". Maybe it was our mom that used it when we were sad, or mad...or just, you know...not smiling! When you grow up though, this verse takes on a brand new meaning. Real problems that kids simply have no grasp on, we now are faced with. Financial issues and loss and broken relationships face us eye to eye. Sickness, job loss and family problems are on our shoulders each and every minute...will we see this verse and remember our mother's advice? Will we see each and every day as a day given to us by God, and choose to rejoice? We may not feel like smiling all the time. In fact, we may have to force ourself to reach deep down and find a reason to rejoice...but this isn't a request! It is also not always easy though. Choose joy today...redardless of what is happening! This is the day that the Lord has made...let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!! 



Family is Forever

There are many things that will upset us in the course of a lifetime. There are many things that are worth the battle, and others that are absolutly not...the most improtant thing in my life other than my relationship with Jesus is my family, and I think if you read the Bible, that is how it is supposed to be! Friends will come and go in and out of our life. The job we have now may not be the job we have next year. You know what is 100% the same year in and year out though? The people you are related to will REMAIN the people you are related to! In this incredibly uncertain world, it is nice to grab onto the things that are certain.

So hug your mom and dad if they are still here on this earth. Love your kids. Be kind to your extended family. Treat your spouse with respect and love every day. We are so blessed to have these family members in our life, aren't we! So thankful for my family today! 


Fear Not!

Fear not, for God is with you! That sometimes is easier to say that it is to do, and with all of the uncertainty during this last few months, fear can take hold fast. The election that we have been building up to for well over a year now is fastly approaching, and I have been asked why I am so calm about it lately, and I have come to 2 conclusions:

1. God is on the throne no matter who is in the White House.

2. I get to play a part in what God does, but what I do will not veto God's plan.


You see, God doesn't need us to accomplish His will, we GET to be a part of it! I believe that as believers we are called to be salt and light, and it is hard to be salt and light if we aren't active in the world around us. I believe we should vote. I don't believe that is as much about us choosing the next leaders as it is about being a part of the process and giving God the glory for whatever, or whoever, He decides on. The Bible tells us not to be decieved, because God is not mocked. What a man sows, he also reaps. Our nation has sown some seed that is going to reap consequences, and those of us who know the Lord know what is coming.


So be a part in what is coming, but FEAR NOT! The Lord knows what is coming even when we do not, and there is nothing He can't handle! 




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