The Mercantile Minute

Like Being a Kid Again


When you think about a shopping trip, you might not immedietly associate all 5 senses to your excursion. Sure, many of us might associate sore feet, or the smell of food. We might even think back and remember the way a shirt that caught our eye looked or even felt to the touch. A trip to the mall or to a big box grocery store doesn't encompass all of the senses though, but Davis Mercantile isn't your typical place. From Jo Jo's AMAZING tasting pretzels, to the soft quality fabrics found at Lolly's, to the equisite gems found at Sarah Davis; it is clear as you walk through our establishment that we are different, and we are proud of these differences!  


Today let's focus on what you will hear on a trip to the Davis Mercantile. There are many familiar sounds at our facility. You will hear laughter, family conversations, excited children and adults...but one of the most unique sounds at our facility will be the sound of our carousel. It isn't everyday you come face to face with a childhood memory! We have, in the mercantile, a genuine 1908 Dentzel, WORKING, carousel. This isn't a miniature or a remake! You can ride the carousel alone or as a family, and it will bring a tear to your eye as you see your children experience the same exiliration you did when you were a kid riding a carousel for the first time. 


We recommend you close your eyes, let the air hit your face and let your mind take you back to that first time you sat on a carousel horse. A trip to the Davis Mercantile is more than just a shopping excursion. It is more than just an amazing pretzel, soft fabrics, amazing jewelry or even a carousel ride. A trip to the Davis Mercantile is a memory in the making. A shared experience. A lifelong snapshot of what it is like to be a carefree kid. We hope you will come and experience this with us again and again!


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