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Quality is Worth Every Penny

How many times have you saved 10% on an item, and been excited about that 10% a year later when you found out that the quality was inferior to the slightly more expenseive version? That's not usually the way it works. In fact, it is almost always the opposite! The few extra dollars that you spend for the higher quality item usually pays off in the long run. So, what are we trying to say? Simple. The stores at Davis Mercantile are not always the cheapest, but we are always worth the slightly higher price! You see, the tried and true statement that your mom told you about getting what you pay for is 100% truth. There's nothing about buying the cheapest item that benefits you past the short term, and you will more than likely be bakc buying the same thing again much sooner when the quality on the cheaper item doesn't hold up.  

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."-Warren Buffett



Supporting #Local #Farmers

Every Saturday during this time of the year we have a Farmers Market here at Davis Mercanrile right outside our location. We are local shops here, and we understand the tremendous importance of shopping local, and want to let all of the farmers know how important what they do is to us, and how important they as individuals are to us. Not only is local food the best though as far as supporting our communtiy, it is also usually far superior in quality! It is fresh, preservative free and available to most of you in just as quick of a trip as the local big box grocer is. Do yourself a favor and come out and see how good local food really is, and while you are here, make sure and thank a farmer


Stop and Smell the Roses!

Slowing down is not as easy as it once was. It seems as if everyone is always in a fast forward state of being and becasue of that, many things that used to not be missed, are being missed today. Here are 5 reasons you should slow down starting today!


1. Your family will never be the age they are today again! 

2. NO ONE ever said on their death bed "I wish I would have went faster through life!"

3. Once a moment is gone, it is gone cannot get it back no matter how much you want to!

4. Stress is a killer...literally! It has links to heart disease and cancer. Slowing down allows you to have less stress!

5. Your kids are watching...your speed and priorities will eventually be shown in their mimicry. Take the time to show your kids how important each momoent is! 


So next time you have the opportunity to smell that flower, play that board game or talk with that person in your life, TAKE IT! We only have a certain number of moments, make them count!!!




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