The Reason for EVERY Season

Many people think about church during December because growing up, Christmas and Easter may have been the only time they came to church. The familiar saying of "Jesus is the Reason for the Season" has passed through the lips of many people that I have met who I know full well do not believe in Jesus, and yet, during the Christmas season, they still utter the words. Have you ever stopped to think why that is? I propose to you that it is because Jesus is the reason for EVERY season, and it is just too overwhelming NOT to discuss it during the month where He was born. 

Fact is, Jesus came to die for us too, and for that event we celebrate Good Friday, and then Easter for when He rose again. These celebrations are more than just words, gifts and Easter eggs though, they are THE reason for evwery season that we go through, both weather wise, and seasons of life. So during this month, make sure as you are making your resolutions for 2017 that you resolve to keep Jesus at the center of every season, all year long. He is worth giving EVERY day to, not just one specail day every year! 


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