Family is Forever

There are many things that will upset us in the course of a lifetime. There are many things that are worth the battle, and others that are absolutly not...the most improtant thing in my life other than my relationship with Jesus is my family, and I think if you read the Bible, that is how it is supposed to be! Friends will come and go in and out of our life. The job we have now may not be the job we have next year. You know what is 100% the same year in and year out though? The people you are related to will REMAIN the people you are related to! In this incredibly uncertain world, it is nice to grab onto the things that are certain.

So hug your mom and dad if they are still here on this earth. Love your kids. Be kind to your extended family. Treat your spouse with respect and love every day. We are so blessed to have these family members in our life, aren't we! So thankful for my family today! 


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