Who's On Your Throne?

I've heard it said to me that everyone gets to choose who sits on the throne of their heart, and whatever they choose is the King of their life, and gets the most attention. You can see this demonstrated quite clearly in the lives of people around you. If a CEO has his company on the throne of his heart, then as king his company will get much of the attention that his family rightly deserves. I've met many men that have sports on the throne of their heart and because of this, people and what they need take a back seat to sporting events and Sunday on the couch watching the "big games". Many teens have XBox or Playstation on the throne of their heart, and because of this their grades are suffering. 


So what SHOULD be on the throne of your heart? Your wife? husband? family? church? Well, no, ALL of these are important, but unless you have Jesus on the throne of your heart, their is no way to guarentee that you have the right motives, or the right priorities througout your life. He is able to do abundatnly more that you can do on your own, and He wants what is best for you! So choose Jesus as the King of your heart and life and see everything else fall into the right position! 


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