Life is Too Short to Stay Mad

Anger is a real issue in our world today. The main problem with anger though, is that, when held on to, it's kind of like taking poison yourself and thinking it will hurt someone else. Anger has been associated with heart disease, depression and a host of other health issues. You can literally "mad" yourself to death! So why are people so angry no days? I have a feeling it has more to do with their own lives, and sadness in their own dayd to day events than it does with you or me or really, anyone else that they interact with each day. I have made a commitment with myself to never get mad at someone because they sin differently than I do. You see, I am sinner just like you are, and when I see events transpire that involve someone doing wrong, it would be pretty hypocritical of me to stay made at them when I am far from perfect myself. 


The main thing to keep in mind is this:

No matter WHAT someone does to you, just remember that you have also done wrong in your life, and Jesus forgave you! Don't you owe it to others to forgive them too? 



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